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Most homeowners agree that one easy and quick way to update or refresh a home is to paint a few rooms or the entire property. Painting produces an immediate change, whether a child’s bedroom is painted or if you want to change the color of the whole exterior.

Painting the exterior of a home or the interior walls and trim also adds other value besides having a different color. A fresh coat of paint inside can boost morale and help keep the family healthy. Painting the exterior adds curb appeal, which is a valuable addition.

Following are the top 10 Reasons for Painting Your House Inside and Out. These tips explain the most effective and easy way to put a home improvement strategy in place.

1. Raises the Real Estate Value of the Home.

Studies have shown that painting the exterior of a house and the interior walls and trim increases the overall value of your property. It helps with resale, as well, by adding fresh look outside and inside.

2. Enhanced Curb Appeal.

A fresh coat of paint on the exterior of a home makes it more attractive—called curb appeal.

3. Promotes Healthier Quality of Air Indoors.

You and your family can have healthier indoor air by painting interior walls and other surfaces with zero-VOC or low VOC finishes and paints. It will also reduce fumes and smell.

4. Keeps Dirt and Dust to a Minimum.

Painting interior walls and trim keeps dust at bay, especially in homes with plaster walls.

5. Hides Stains and Permanent Marks.

When permanent stains or marks are difficult to remove, painting the house inside and out will help to hide these defects.

6. Protection for Exterior Surfaces.

Keeping a good coat of quality paint on the exterior of the home will help protect it from the weather, particularly moisture from rain.

7. Protection for Interior Surfaces.

Painting the interior surfaces will help to resist wear and tear and protect walls and trim from moisture.

8. An Inexpensive Way to Remodel.

Homeowners are discovering that painting can refresh the home for a whole new living environment.Paint will go a long way toward creating a whole new look without extensive remodeling. Professionals will paint a room from around $300 for each room.

9. A Valuable Make Over.

If your home needs a bit of updating, paint can produce a quick rejuvenation for pennies compared to remodeling. Use zero or low VOC quality finishes and paints and you will save money and time overall.

10. Improved Outlook and Positive Energy for Homeowners.

Even though it is amazing to think about, changing the colors that surround you can affect your entire outlook on your home and living conditions. Colors create an ambience and environment that affects mood, energy and disposition. The effects of color on human beings is well known to scientists and researchers. For perception, white or light paint causes small spaces and rooms to appear larger. Bright, vibrant and fun colors can add an element of cheerfulness to any room, including a play room, game room or family room. Cheerful colors such as red, yellow or orange in kitchens have even been shown to enhance enjoyment of food and cooking.

For a relaxing bedroom or sitting room, try painting it in soft pastels of blue or green, colors that are associated with a calming influence. Considering all the ways repainting helps the homeowner, all of these ideas are reasons to paint your house inside and out.

Thank you for your time for reading this blog post and if you still have questions about when and what to paint please don’t hesitate to contact Your Local Melbourne Professional Painter- Viccon Painting