12 Things You Should Never Do to Your Deck!

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

A backyard deck is a wonderful place to relax or entertain. Make sure you take care of it the right way by avoiding these common mistakes in deck care.

Don’t Neglect Safety

Make sure your deck, steps and railing are all well lit to make it more inviting and as a safety precaution to prevent accidents.

Don’t Place a Fire Pit on the Deck

It’s a fire hazard and likely prohibited if it burns real wood.

Don’t Place Potted Plants on the Deck without Saucers

Saucers collect excess water and keep it—and soil—from spilling out onto the deck when watering. This will help prevent staining, moss growth and rotted deck boards. 

Don’t Stain or Seal Without Preparing the Deck

That means sweeping and cleaning the deck first. Otherwise, the stain and seal won’t adhere as well, causing discoloration and providing less protection.

Don’t Clean the Deck with Bleach

Bleach can cause discoloration and streaking. And it will injure nearby plants.

Don’t Injure Nearby Plants

Bleach and other harsh chemicals can injure or kill nearby plants, not just leaves but also roots. Cover plants with plastic while cleaning your deck and start with plain water. If that doesn’t do the job switch to the mildest solution you can find, such as dish soap, and finally deck cleaner, if needed.

Don’t Forget to Move Furniture and Rugs

Switch up the floor plan on your deck every once in a while so the same areas aren’t covered by furniture and rugs all the time. This will keep the deck from uneven fading and also cut down on moisture-related problems such as rot and mold.

Don’t Use a Wire Brush to Clean Stains

A wire brush will damage the deck boards and leave rough edges and splinters. Use a plastic bristle brush instead.

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