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Viccon Painting, prides itself in being the number one full-service for Interior and Exterior Painting service operating in whole Melbourne area. Our team are qualified and focused in all kind of Interior and Exterior Painting services and practices that keep your home outdoor in prime condition throughout the entire year.

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Viccon Painting could help you out! We know Interior and Exterior painting from top to bottom.! First, let’s specify your issue by clicking on one of the very common problems homeowners in Black Rock, Melbourne:

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    About Black Rock

    The railway line through Dalton was built in 1881, as part of the Great Northern Railway. In its day, Dalton was home to a gang, and a station master. The last commercial trains to operate through Black Rock were grain trains between Peterborough and Orroroo, in 1988.

    The railway connecting Black Rock to Orroroo and Peterborough was removed in late 2008. However track was left in situ in the yard, and over the Black Rock Bridge, located approximately 1 km south. Black Rock Bridge is the longest bridge on the old Peterborough Division

    Black Rock Yard hosted the first of a proposed annual Kalamazoo race on 27 March 2010. The event was reported as being very successful.

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