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When you hire Viccon Painting, you can rest assured that you have hired the best possible painting team in Brighton. Our painters are committed to bringing you nothing but a seamless experience, from initial estimates all the way through to the finished paint job. Whether you simply need some touch-ups done, or a full-service refresh, we are confident to provide you with the same guaranteed work ethic and outstanding results every time.

At Viccon Painting, we pride ourselves on creating a unique and fulfilling experience for our customers. We will work tirelessly to see that all of your painting needs are met with speed and efficiency allowing you to get back to enjoying your newly-refreshed space.

Viccon Painting – House Painters Brighton, we go above and beyond the run-of-the-mill house painting service. It’s what we do before and after painting your home’s exterior or interior that sets us apart. From our meticulous preparation right on through cleanup, we ensure great results and your highest satisfaction every step of the way.

Our Brighton Painters crew are quiet, detail-oriented, professional, and always on time. They’ll take care with drop cloths, masking, and other steps to keep paint only where it should go, leaving nothing but beautiful work at the end of the project.

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Fill in your contact details to request a call back. Our experts respond quikly to your request and are out to the property as soon as possible.

    Our experienced house painters know exactly what to look for and what they need to do. Before the first can of paint is opened, they will identify problem areas that should be addressed. They will spackle, caulk, sand, and pressure-wash as needed to ensure that the paint goes on smoothly and stays on. If they find an issue, such as some shingles or boards with dry rot, they can do light carpentry to replace them. And if you’re going from a dark color to a light one, they will expertly cover and prime first so that none of the previous shade shows through.

    We deliver a consistent level of excellence in craftsmanship and customer service, which means you get far more than just paint on walls. We are respectful of your time, courteous to your family, and honorable with the numerous house painting services we provide.

    Why Choose Us?

    We always confirm.

    We stay in constant communication with our clients. The end result? Beautiful projects and relationships

    We paint lives, not houses.

    Our work goes beyond color chips and paintbrushes. We create a space that you’ll love to call home.

    We respect everyone’s property.

    Your home, property and furniture are treated as if they were our own. It’s that simple.

    We arrive on time.

    Your time is important. We will always offer superior services that meet your schedule – and your budget.

    What We Can?

    Interior Painting Brighton

    We provide a range of custom interior painting services, allowing for a smooth, seamless experience and exceptional results in every home…Read More

    Exterior Painting Brighton

    Viccon Painting provides a variety of custom exterior painting services to ensure your home stands out from the rest…Read More

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    Fill in your contact details to request a call back. Our experts respond quikly to your request and are out to the property as soon as possible.

      About Brighton

      On the beach, Beach Road is a popular cycling route, with the Bay Trail off-road walking/cycling tracks also following the coastline.

      Dendy Street Beach, just south of Middle Brighton, features 82 colourful bathing boxes, which are one of the tourist icons of Melbourne. The boxes share a uniformity of size and build, and a regular arrangement along the beach, and are the only surviving such structures close to the Melbourne CBD.

      A Planning Scheme Heritage Overlay on the boxes by the Bayside City Council restricts alterations, and all retain their Victorian era architecture, such as timber frames, weatherboard sidings, and corrugated iron roofs, without amenities such electricity or running water.

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